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Y-DNA Test 12 Marker


Y-DNA Test 12 Marker - This is a basic male specific Y-chromosome test.


Y-DNA Test 12 Marker

Y-DNA 12 marker introductory test

  • For men only.
  • Lower level of Y-DNA tests.
  • 12-marker matches are highly likely to be related within the past 29 generations.
  • Provides genealogically relevant matches and recent ancestral origins.
  • Recommended for confirming a genealogical relationship with another male.
  • Provides your Haplogroup: basic deep ancestral origin of the paternal line.
  • Your DNA sample is stored for free so that you can upgrade the test in the future
This is a male specific Y-chromosome test.  Your matches and ancestral origins largely depend on how your DNA compares to the Family Tree DNA database. With the largest DNA database in the world, you have the greatest chance of finding close relatives by testing with Family Tree DNA.  However, if your paternal line is rare, it is possible you will not have matches or ancestral origins information right away.  As the database is constantly growing, you may have matches over time, and will receive e-mail notifications about any new matches.

This test is an ideal way to preserve the DNA of an elderly relative for future analysis.

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