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Clan MacLennan - Y-DNA Test 37 Marker


Y-DNA37: This is an introductory test.


Clan MacLennan - Y-DNA Test 37 Marker

37 Marker Test
  • This is a male specific test.
  • Results identify the ethnic and geographic origin of the paternal line.
  • It includes a balanced panel of sixty-seven Y-chromosome Short Tandem Repeat, STR markers.
  • The additional markers refine the predicted time period in which two individuals are related and eliminate unrelated matches.
  • A perfect match at sixty-seven markers indicates a common ancestor in very recent times.
  • This is the ideal test for matching if a break in the paper trail, such as an adoption, is known or suspected.
  • A haplogroup is determined and backed by our SNP Assurance Program.
  • When another person shows identical results within our database, if both parties have signed the Family Tree DNA Release Form, then we will inform them of the match.
  • The customer will also receive a certificate and report describing the testing process and the meaning of sixty-seven marker matches.

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