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Big Y-700 (does not include bam file)


Big Y-700 Y-chromosome discovery test


Big Y-700 (does not include bam file)

The Big Y is a Y-chromosome direct paternal line test. It has been designed it to explore deep ancestral links on the paternal (male) tree. This test examines thousands of known branch markers as well as millions of places where there may be new branch markers.
This Y-DNA test can be used to explore genealogical questions or problems when researching a surname. For example, Y-DNA can help you determine if two men with the same or a variant surname share the same male common ancestor at some point in the past.

The Big Y-700 includes two types test: one that can help make more distant ancestral connections, and one that helps with more recent connections. The test uses different kinds of DNA markers called SNPs and STRs:
  • A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) is a change at an individual DNA base location. The Big Y-700 will likely identify a new SNP approximately every 90 years, about every 3 generations. These SNPs can be used to confirm branching and migration of a lineage and the relatonship between men who descend from the same common ancestor.
  • A short tandem repeat (STR) is a repeated short section of DNA. The number of repeats of each section will vary between different lineages as STRs can randomly mutate. Test companies analyse multiple short sections for example: 37, 67 and 111.  Due to the variation in STR repeats between lineages it makes them ideal for determining closer relationships (within the last 10 generations).  The Big Y-700 test will analyse the standard 111 marker STR panels along with a minimum of a further 589 STRs.

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