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Why is it worth taking a DNA test

Until recently genealogy has relied upon documentary evidence alone such as church records, census information, legal records, estate and family papers along with secondary published sources to confirm and extend a family tree.

These sources are usually paper and prone to the ravishes of time - water, mice and men and thus susceptible to destruction and human error.
Perhaps you have been able to use oral and family tradition, but still have a patchwork of missing evidence and need corroboration to prove a connection between individuals.

What you need is something that is objective and that ties you to your biological ancestors. What if you were born with some sort of "ancestral barcode´┐Ż?

Fortunately your DNA is like a bar-code recording evidence of your ancestors and their history. Why not unlock these clues with DNA testing?

DNA testing can show:

There are three types of test available:

For males a test is available if you wish to learn about your deep paternal ancestry. The National Genographic 'Geno 2' test is ordered and undertaken after your 37 or 67 marker test results have been delivered and can be ordered from your Family Tree DNA homepage. Alternatively you can order specific markers called SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) from Family Tree DNA to identify your particular branch or twig of the paternal tree.

Advice on the suitability of this test or the interpretation of your test results can be undertaken by ordered the product called DNA tests and results explained


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