Tests for men : Y-DNA

Tests for men : Y-DNA

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The specific attributes of the Y-chromosome
Our DNA contains the genetic information which makes us who we are and is packaged into our chromosomes. For example, whether we have blue or brown eyes is encoded in our DNA.  Each of us has 23 pairs of chromosomes and it is the 23rd chromosome which defines our gender, male or female. Here is how it works:

  • Females have two X-Chromosomes while males have one X and one Y-Chromosome
  • We have all inherited one chromosome from our mother and one from our father
  • Mothers always pass on one X-Chromosome
  • If the father transfers his X, a girl is born
  • If the father transfers his Y a boy is born
  • For this reason all sons of one man have the same Y-Chromosome
  • The sons of these sons have the same Y-Chromosome as their paternal grandfather and so on.
Therefore as the Y-Chromosome is passed on from father to son, all men of the same paternal line have the same Y-Chromosome. 

Analysis of the Y-Chromosome is used to research the paternal line which is typically associated with a hereditary surname. Y-DNA
is therefore a male specific test.  The results can often identify the geographic origin of the paternal line.

Females need to get a male relative, such as a father, uncle, brother or cousin bearing the surname to take the test for them.



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