Who are Family Tree DNA?

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FamilyTree DNA - the world's pre-eminent genetic genealogy testing company

Family Tree DNA has been and continues to be world's largest genetic genealogy testing company. Since its inception in April of 2000, Family Tree DNA has been a pioneer in the field, developing techniques and processses necessary to enable genealogists around the world to advance their family tree research.

Genetic genealogy testing can help overcome genealogical brick walls, complement and enhance traditional family history research and enable the extension of your family tree back into the past. Alasdair Macdonald is an official reseller for Family Tree DNA products in the United Kingdom.

This enables individuals to purchase a kit direct from the British Isles and pay in £ Sterling. It also saves having to wait for the test kit to be sent from the United States. Kits can be allocated to any surname, clan, family, geographical or haplogroup project hosted by Family Tree DNA. Currently there are over 7200 such projects!

What do you get when you buy a kit?
As well as your DNA results you have access to your own Family Tree DNA home page. From your home page you can access your results, view your matches and contact them (if they have allowed access which 99% have). You will also be able to access additional resources and further tests.

As your sample is kept on file for 25 years (hidden behind your kit number) you can order upgrades or new tests at any point in the future.

If you have an elderly relative it is a good idea to get their DNA stored by purchasing even the cheapest kit. DNA has encoded within it our own personal history and is a priceless asset. Don't lose that of an elderly relative if they are the last of their line.