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After an initial consultation we will suggest a research strategy to meet you specific requirements. You can set a maximum budget at this stage to which we will adhere.

We will then undertake research on your behalf and contact you with a summary of progress when the time agreed nears completion. We will indicate if further work is required to conclude the agreed aims of the research.
Further options, including the provision of presentation packs will be discussed during the initial consultation.

Incidentals over and above the research fee such as photocopies, certificates, access to archives and travel (if outside Edinburgh) are charged at cost. These will be agreed with you before research begins.

Our standard rate for research is £25 per hour. We ask you to pay for 2 hours research as a deposit.

What payment methods does Your Scottish Ancestry accept?

We accept payment via PayPal from most popular credit and debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and Delta. We can also take payment by Sterling cheque or direct bank transfer by arrangement.

Please contact us either by email or through our Contact Us page to discuss your requirements.

If we have agreed to undertake research for you please use the link below to pay the initial deposit of £50.

Deposit of £50

Shipping of DNA kits
We charge cost price for shipping. Kits which are for residents within the United Kingdom will have return postage to the laboratory in the United States added to the return envelope. This charge is added at Checkout. This is to save you having to go to the Post Office.

Kits which are for residents out with the United Kingdom will only be charged for shipping to their delivery address as entered at Checkout. Return postage to the laboratory in the United States for non-residents of the UK will need to be added by the customer.