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Surname, Lineage and Geographical Projects

Once you have taken a DNA test you have the opportunity to join a number of different types of project. There include are surname, geographic, haplogroup (lineage and kin groups) and will enable you to connect and work with others to explore your common genetic heritage. Membership is free and you can join or leave a project at any time. There are over 7,480 such projects currently hosted through Family Tree DNA.

Surname projects are run by volunteers and typically tie into existing clan, family or surname studies or research groups. If your surname does not yet have a project it may be possible to have one set up or you could extend your knowledge and interest in genetic genealogy by becoming the administrator for a new project. There are national projects for Ireland, Scotland and Wales along with a national project for the British Isles.

One of the significant developments in the last few years is research into related kin-groups who may have different surnames, but share a common ancestor. With the discovery of many new markers (called SNPs) the medieval period, just when surnames were being adopted is opening up and enabling connections to be made between individuals, clans and families. The study of deep ancestry is now entering the shallow waters! Exciting times ahead!

There are also projects for the female inherited mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) which tend to explore deeper ancestral origins.

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If a project does not currently exist for your surname it may be possible to have one set up for you. Please get in touch to discuss. Projects hosted by Worldfamilies are all part of the Family Tree DNA database. Worldfamilies is just another reseller of Family Tree DNA products who provide complementary resources for projects.