Scotland and the Flemish People

Scotland and the Flemish People

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Scotland and the Flemish People

Conducted through the Institute of Scottish Historical Research, University of St. Andrews, the overall aim of the Project is to provide an accessible overview of the impact of the Flemish people on Scotland and the historical interactions between Scotland and Flanders (the Low Countries or modern-day Belgium). 

Combining genealogical, historical research and Y-DNA data, the project will reassess the settlement of Flemings in Scotland - their distribution and local impact - as well as reviewing the role of the Flemish in the broad sweep of Scottish history.

How to participate: The Y-Chromosome is carried only by men who inherit it from their fathers.  As surnames in Europe are typically patrilineal in descent the Y-Chromosome can be used to identify men who share a common ancestor.  As women do not carry a Y-Chromosome, females who wish to participate require a male family member to participate who bears one of the project surnames.

The DNA test itself involves a simple swab on the inside of the cheek.  There are several levels of test for genealogical research. We recommend you purchase the 67 marker Y-DNA test for surname research which may well identify distant relatives within Family Tree DNA's extensive database.

This test may give you an indication of your "deep ancestry" by matching with other participants who have been found positive for advanced SNP deep ancestryť markers.  These advanced markers can be ordered at a later date if required.



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