Scottish DNA Project

Scottish DNA Project

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Scottish DNA Project

The project was originally established in October 2001 as the Scottish Clans DNA Project and merged with the Scotland DNA Project in 2012.


Which Y-DNA test should you order? 
There are two levels of test for genealogical research.  We recommend you purchase the 37 marker Y-DNA test as the minimum for surname research which may well identify distant relatives within FTDNA's extensive database. 

The 67 marker test provides extra data and will help us in the analytic work.  This test may give you an indication of your "deep ancestry" by matching with other participants who have been found positive for advanced "deep ancestry" markers called SNPs.  These advanced markers can be ordered at a later date if required.

We advise all participants to join an appropriate surname, clan, family or haplogroup project as the best way to find genetic matches.  The Scottish DNA Project aims to support and promote the best possible participation of these projects.


Select from the following products

  • Scottish DNA Project - Y-DNA Test 37 Marker £115.00

    Scottish DNA Project - Y-DNA Test 37 Marker

    Y-DNA37 : This is a male specific test. Results identify the ethnic and geographic origin of the paternal line.

  • Scottish DNA Project - mtFullSequence £153.00

    Scottish DNA Project - mtFullSequence

    mtFullSequence - Both men and women may take this test. The entire mitochondrial genome is tested and this is the last mtDNA test that a person would need to take.

  • Family Finder £86.00

    Family Finder

    Family Finder test for both men and women : For close ancestry research (includes ethnic population percentages)