Clan MacLennan

Clan MacLennan

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Download the Clan MacLennan Surname Project brochure.

Download the Clan MacLennan Family History Database brochure.

DNA matching can make connections between Clan members who might not otherwise know they could be related.

The Y-Chromosome is carried only by men who inherit it from their fathers.  As surnames in Europe are typically patrilineal in descent the Y-Chromosome can be used to identify men who share a common ancestor.  As women do not carry a Y-Chromosome, females who wish to participate require a male family member to participate who bears one of the project surnames.

The DNA test itself involves a simple swab on the inside of the cheek.  There are two levels of test for genealogical research. Researchers recommend you purchase the "37 marker Y-DNA test" as the minimum for surname research which may well identify distant relatives within Family Tree DNA's extensive database.

The "67 marker test" provides extra data and will help us in the analytic work described above. This test may give you an indication of your "deep ancestry" by matching with other participants who have been found positive for advanced "deep ancestry" markers.  These advanced markers can be ordered at a later date if required.

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