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Living DNA

An ancestry DNA test like no other, Living DNA can reveal more detail about your ancestral origins than ever before. The test can be taken by both men and women and provides information on your family ancestry and origins. Your DNA will be compared to 80 worldwide regions including 21 regions in the British Isles. The proportion of DNA from each region that has been inherited will be recorded, providing evidence of the origins of your ancestors.

Do I have Scottish DNA? How much DNA do I have from Ireland?
Previously only a Y-DNA test, used for surname research could specifically link a male to a region or area within the British Isles at a point in time. As women don't have a Y-chromosome they could not even take that particular test. Living DNA's new test overcomes this hurdle by analysing a different type of DNA. Based on data derived from the People of the British Isles Project and supplementary research your bio-geographical origins within the British Isles will be explored using DNA inherited from both your parents.

The Living DNA test - 3 tests in 1
The test will also show your mother-line ancestry and, if you are a male, your father-line ancestry as well. DNA from the mother-line is inherited by children, both male or female from their mother. However it can only be passed to the next generation by a mother not a father. Therefore mitochondrial DNA can be used to track the ancestral origins of the direct mother-line back into history. Similarly, the Y-chromosome is passed by a father to his sons, who pass it to their sons. It therefore can be used to trace the ancestral origins of the direct father-line.

No subscription
Unlike some competitors, there is no subscription to access your results and your lifetime ancestry membership means that as Living DNA research is refined, your results will be updated with more detail at no further charge. Living DNA will put your results into context, allowing you to explore your ancestry at different points in history.

You can order your Living DNA test through this link ORDER MY LIVING DNA TEST (or click on the image below).