DNA: One-to-One consultancy

DNA: One-to-One consultancy

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Not sure what product to order or need help in understanding your DNA results?

If you are new to the world of genetic genealogy it can be a daunting prospect to try to understanding the terminology and exactly what the results have found. Your Scottish Ancestry offers a one-to-one consultancy service .

If you have not chosen a test yet:

You are buying one hour of time from Your Scottish Ancestry. If there are multiple research questions more than one block of consultancy time may be required.

DNA results of each individual are unique. Results are partly dependent on your genetic cousins having tested and each of your lineages having produced children. Your Scottish Ancestry cannot guarantee you will have matches immediately or that a full or final interpretation of your results will be possible. This service is offered in good faith and with the above proviso.

Further information about choosing and ordering a test can be read in this our DNA testing document.


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