Unexpected or unwelcome information from your DNA test

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The results of your DNA test may show that people who you thought were relatives, may in fact not be biologically related to you. You may also discover relatives or branches of your family tree that you were not aware of.
Your test results and raw data may potentially have implications for others who are related to you, but unlike you they did not chose to take a DNA test and have this information available to them.

You should view the decision to take a DNA test, and to receive information about your genetic makeup as permanent. Also be aware that genetic science is a relatively new field that is developing quickly. This means that what you can learn from your genetic information in the future is likely to increase significantly, and potentially in ways that we cannot currently predict. It also means that the results of your DNA test are not fixed, but are likely to evolve, and to become more precise over time as further research is carried out.